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Special Support

Each of the European ARC nodes offers specialist scientific and technical expertise to the whole European ALMA community and general support services to its region.
At the Italian ARC this expertise includes:

  • polarimetry
  • mmVLBI
  • array combination
  • archive data mining.

See the Areas of expertise page for more details.

Contact and Face-to-face visit to the Italian ARC Node:

You can visit us for direct face-to-face support. A member of the node staff will sit down with you and directly help you with your project, from setting up the project in the ALMA OT, to enhanced data reduction. Contact us or book face-to-face support by emailing us at Or writing a ticket on the ALMA Helpdesk

The ALMA helpdesk

You can contact the Italian ARC node through the ALMA helpdesk. The helpdesk is the official channel for getting help with ALMA observations and ensures that your question is properly logged and tracked. Your question will be delegated to the appropriate person. Many questions are also already addressed in articles available on the Knowledgebase.

Go to the ALMA Helpdesk!

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