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ALMA science seminar tour

The Italian node of the European ALMA Regional Centre is offering a talk about ALMA science: from Cycle 0 results to Cycle 2 preparation to be given after the ALMA Cycle2 proposal call will be issued (24th October 2013) at Institutes that will request it.

These are the planned venues:

  • 31st october Padova, OAPd – UniPD Viviana Casasola
  • 31st october Roma, OAR Elisabetta Liuzzo
  • 04th november Bologna, IRA Marcella Massardi
  • 05th november Brera, OAB Viviana Casasola
  • 12th november Trieste, SISSA Marcella Massardi
  • 19th november Torino, UNITO Elisabetta Liuzzo
  • 25th november Catania, OACt Marcella Massardi
  • 28th november Napoli, OACN Rosita Paladino

A pdf version of the talk slides is here.