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Italian ARC proposal preparation event

22 March 2021 – Online

In preparation for the ALMA “Cycle8 2021” proposal deadline on 21 April 2021, the Italian node of the European ALMA Regional Centre organizes an online community meeting to inform all potential users of the new capabilities and the most important changes concerning the proposal preparation and the reviewing processes on Monday 22 March 2021; 11 – 12 CET.


  • Status of the array
  • New capabilities and observing modes
  • Proposal preparation and review: important changes
  • The ALMA Science Archive: its status and how to use it
  • Q & A

In addition, we invite new or non-expert users, who would like to have more substantial support with the proposal preparation, to contact us. We will organize special sessions to meet their needs.

Please note that this activity is in addition to the usual “face-to-face” support that anybody can request at any time from the Italian ARC node via e-mail to, or through the ALMA help-desk.

Under the covid-19 restrictions, the support will necessarily be given remotely, via video link, email or telephone.

For information on all ALMA-related matters, see the Science Portal at