ALMA towards Cycle 10 and beyond


The Italian node of the ALMA Regional Centre Italiano offers an in person talk at the Italian Institutes interested, during the period Feb to April.
The talk will present the current state of ALMA and its scientific impact in the first 10 years of operation, and it will outline the major developments planned for the upcoming
decade and beyond, which will guide further advancements in ALMA’s technical and scientific capabilities.

If you are interested in hosting this talk in your Institute, please contact us at

After the talk, if needed, our staff will be available for “face-to-face” support.


The next ALMA deadline, for observing Cycle 10, is on the 10th of May.
Major developments for the whole ALMA system are already planned in
the next years, to offer to the users new observing capabilities.
The Italian node of the European ALMA Regional Centre is meeting with the
community to present the current status and the prospects of this evolving facility, and to offer support to approach new observations
with ALMA and the exploitation of archival data

Confirmed dates and locations

  • Padova – Marcella Massardi – March 9
  • Bologna – Marcella Massardi – March 24
  • Trieste – Marcella Massardi – April 3
  • Arcetri – Rosita Paladino – April 27
  • Milano – Elisabetta Liuzzo – June 6