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AGN jets

Our expertise includes analysis at a high angular resolution of relativistic jets in extragalactic sources through interferometric observations. The main goal is to discuss the composition, origin and evolution of the jets in different classes of objects, from BL Lacs, to nearby FRIs (isolated, in clusters, compact and extended, low power AGN), HzRGs and also QSOs. We are interested in the:

  • estimate of fundamental jet parameters (e.g. velocity, viewing angle, magnetic field, SED, etc)
  • investigation of the correlation between jet power and radio type
  • characterization of jet on different angular scales, from parsec to kiloparsec
  • study of the possible presence of AGN feedback

This is done thanks to VLBI observations in the radio bands and also with ALMA at higher frequencies, especially through archival data both in continuum and in polarization which is crucial to obtain strict constraints on the magnetic field and its evolution on the first part of the jets. We are members of EHT Collaboration and then interested in the study of these objects at very high angular resolution obtained with the Global mm-VLBI Array.

We are involved in the ALMACAL project (P.I. M. Zwaan, ESO), which aims to obtain calibrated images of all the ALMA calibrators (mainly blazars) for the first time. In this collaboration, our work is focused on the statistical study of the morphology and the correlation between the millimiter and gamma-ray emission of the blazar objects.

Our final goal is a multiband approach, investigating data from radio to X-ray, and exploiting also the new generation telescopes, such as SKA and E-ELT.

Contacts: E. Liuzzo (liuzzo@ira.inaf.it), M. Bonato (bonato@ira.inaf.it), N. Marchili (n.marchili@ira.inaf.it)